Can Brain Retraining improve your life?

January 13, 2016

Most of us spend our lives getting pushed around by our own brainwaves. We unconsciously react to situations based on our state of mind instead of being the masters of our own internal universe.

Brain Retraining (also known as brainwave entrainment, brainwave synchronization, and Light and Sound Neurotherapy or LSN) is based on the brain’s proven tendency to synchronize its dominant frequencies with those of certain patterns of lights and sounds. Brain Retraining can help you shift your mind to a more desirable state and develop an alternative perspective.

The technology of brainwave entrainment is about the synchronization of your brain with a source of frequencies to achieve a desired mental state. These frequencies can be generated by sounds, lights, physical vibrations, or even electromagnetism.

Brain Retraining lets you:

  • Learn to slow down your high anxiety beta brain waves to calming alpha brain waves.
  • Learn to access theta waves for a deep, inner connection with your subconscious mind.
  • Decrease insomnia and improve the quality and restfulness of your sleep.
  • Boost your memory and sharpen your ability to focus.
  • Improve your athletic performance.

You may even be able to experience altered states of consciousness or access a state of awareness that you’ve never experienced – naturally, and without the use drugs, which are not only expensive, but may be ineffective, make a problem worse, or cause serious side effects.

Brain Retraining has been shown to promote healing for both mental and physical conditions. It can help to improve sleep, relax the mind and body, manage pain, recover from trauma, and develop resistance to addictions and cravings.

Brain Retraining can strengthen brainwave patterns for peak performance in sports and learning, and has special appeal for students, professionals, athletes and seniors. It can help improve memory, focus and attention, and has been shown to enhance meditation and mindfulness skills. Brain retraining can decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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