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Our BrainRetrainer Sleep MP3 uses specialized, scientific beat patterns, music and gentle coaching to help you achieve the rest you deserve. If you want to greet the morning with a restful smile instead of a resigned, sandy-eyed sigh, this powerful MP3 will help you achieve your literal dreams. Make the choice to enjoy quality sleep right now: download this sleep solution and discover the power of the first step in our 3-Level NeuroAdvantage™ system for yourself.

This easy-to-use MP3 session uses auditory cues and techniques to help your mind relax into a restful, sleepy state. Though it delivers powerful results, it can also be layered over the wearable BrainRetrainer system, which is a lighted stimulated device worn like a pair of glasses, and finally, in conjunction with personalized coaching from the inventor himself, Dr. Dennis Marikis, for the highest level of success.

Get a Good Night's Sleep - TONIGHT!

It's time to shake off that tired irritability and reclaim your life. Stop letting your environment and your habits rob you of a good night's rest - you not only want it, you need it to be your best! Consider this: if you could press a button and awake refreshed, happy and ready to seize the day, every day, without drugs, you would press it without a second thought. This is that moment, and this is that button - choose to take control over your sleep schedule and discover a better quality of life by downloading this MP3 right now and getting a good night's sleep right away.

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