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Neurotherapy can help your child on the autistic spectrum with their hand skills, movement skills, attention, concentration, behavior and sensory processing.

Controlling Addictions & Cravings

Kick your addictions and manage your cravings naturally and drug-free with neurotherapy. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you retrain your brain to decrease cravings and improve the likelihood of sustained recovery.


Fight depression and enhance your overall wellbeing with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Memory, Focus & Attention

Synchronize your brainwaves to improve your ability to concentrate, focus and remember in a natural, safe and drug-free manner with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Pain Management

Manage chronic pain naturally - without painkillers and habitual pain relief drugs - using neurotherapy. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you live a better life. Begin today with a pain relief Brain Retrainer MP3.

Relaxation & Meditation

Scientific research has shown that brain retraining can help defeat stress and enhance relaxation and meditation. Relax your mind and body with the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Sex & Peak Performance

Did you know that the most powerful sex organ of your body is your brain? Improve your mental function to enhance sexual performance using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer - a powerful, all-natural neurotherapy program.


Get a more restful night's sleep by retraining your brain using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Special Needs, ADD/ADHD

By using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer, you or those you love who struggle with ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities can find improved concentration and memory, enhanced creativity, and a boost to the immune system.

Sports & Peak Performance

Brainwave stimulation, relaxation, and visualization techniques can vastly improve sports performance. Athletes who use the NeuroAdvantage Trainer report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respon

Trauma and Stress Management

Anxiety, worry, tension, startle response, intrusive imagery ("flashbacks"), helplessness, and avoidance behaviors may all be significantly reduced when using the NeuroAdvantage Trainer.

Weight Loss

Lose weight by gaining control over your cravings. Neurotherapy through the NeuroAdvantage Trainer can help you achieve the weight-loss results you desire.

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