Pain Management

Pain: Addressing The Issue

Are you in chronic pain? Have you had persistent energy-sapping aches or sharp, uncomfortable sensations that last for months at a time? From dull throbs to excruciating episodes like migraine headaches, chronic pain is a devastating reality for millions of Americans. In addition to physical discomfort, chronic pain is also behind quality-of-life problems such as:

  • Exhaustion or a general lack of energy.
  • Difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep.
  • A diminished or absent desire to participate in favorite activities. 
  • An immune system that is weaker or less responsive. Depression, anxiety or a general feeling of hopelessness.

Some turn to medications to alleviate symptoms, but that method brings its own host of problems, such as nasty side effects, addictions and lifelong expenses.

Can "Brain Retraining" Really Help Chronic Pain?

Absolutely. Your brain, after all, is what processes pain - and the burden of that pain is what leads to secondary symptoms like those listed above. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself, and your brain is no different! Techniques such as the binaural beats used in our Pain Relief BrainRetrainer MP3 stimulate endorphin neurotransmitter release, which helps minimize the disruptive signals we receive from our pain receptors. These endorphins, in turn, create feelings of well-being and euphoria. When you download and listen to our powerful Pain Relief MP3, the audible tones and pulses layered behind the pleasant music you hear will start this positive chain reaction - which can be built upon and enhanced with the other two tiers of our NeuroAdvantage™ program.

The Downsides of Medication for Chronic Pain

In addition to the dangers of painkiller addiction, which has reached epidemic levels in our country, using pharmaceuticals to combat chronic pain can be a self-defeating act. The body naturally builds a tolerance to habitual pain relief drugs, pressing the user to take higher doses and potentially damage their liver. While medication undoubtedly has its place, chronic pain is too complex and varied of a problem to be solved with a simple pill or two. Our MP3 will help you unlock your body's own defenses and keep you focused and healthy as you move through your day, rather than feeling crushed under the weight of debilitating pain or held back by fear of a "flare up."

Listen, Learn and Live a Better Life

You've likely heard more than your fair share of advice about your chronic pain, but how much of it offered a solution you could start using immediately? Downloading our Pain Relief BrainRetrainer MP3 takes literally seconds, and in mere minutes you could be on your way to discovering better pain management and an alternative to addictive, expensive painkillers. This may be the best decision you'll ever make - and a better quality of life is waiting for you on the other side of the button below. Live in a world where you call the shots, not your chronic pain - download our MP3 today.

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