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When you need a good, solid night of sleep, don't open the medicine cabinet: open your mind instead. Through a scientific process called brainwave entrainment, our proven Brain Retrainer Sleep MP3 helps combat insomnia and "racing thoughts" to help you drift to sleep the natural way - without medications that can form addictions or leave you groggy the following day. All you have to do is slip on your headphones, lay back and relax as our powerful combination of music, coaching and special beat patterns lull you into a restorative slumber.

No waiting for pills to work, no prescriptions needed - just the power of listening alone will help you coax uninterrupted hours of rest from your formerly chaotic bedtime routine. Once you've enjoyed the incredible results of this MP3, a fantastic tool by itself, you can amplify the benefits by layering the other two tiers of our NeuroAdvantage™ system: the wearable Trainer with light therapy technology, and individualized coaching that will help you get the best out of both tools. Download our Sleep MP3 right now to fall asleep faster tonight.

Can Listening Really Help You Sleep?

When you need a good night's rest, would you rather open your medicine cabinet or open your mind? Brainwave entrainment is a natural solution to insomnia and other sleep disturbances, doesn't carry any risk of addiction, and won't leave you feeling groggy or "spacey" the next morning, the way some sleep medications or alternate substances like alcohol often do. Taking pills or drinking before bed may help you achieve temporary unconsciousness, but they won't help your brain work through the four "recharge" states it needs to. Our BrainRetrainer sleep MP3 - the base level of our three-tier NeuroAdvantage system - is non- intrusive and easy to use, even if you've never tried audio therapy for sleep before.

What Does Sleep Do For the Brain?

The brain is an incredible computer, and the different states it utilizes as you sleep help it run smoothly upon waking. The brainwaves it generates vary as you move through states of sleep, and cycle throughout the night:

  • Beta (awake and alert)
  • Alpha (relaxed and comfortable)
  • Theta (feeling drowsy, nodding off)
  • Delta (true, deep slumber)

You brain typically moves down through these stages of brainwaves as you wind down from a busy day - as long as nothing impedes that journey. Issues like anxiety, racing thoughts and other common issues can derail that transition, however. Using our BrainRetrainer sleep MP3 will help you keep the "path clear" for these transitions and keep your rest from being interrupted or stolen entirely by everyday stressors. Instead, the simple act of listening to this proven MP3 will guide you into Alpha brainwaves, allowing your body to continue to slow to the theta, and then refreshing delta-level sleep, all over the course of ninety minutes - the typical span of a complete "sleep cycle," which is repeated between 4 and 6 times throughout your night.

Using NeuroAdvantage™ Programs for Better Sleep

As easy as downloading a favorite song or a new game for your smartphone, our BrainRetrainer MP3 is so easy to use, you can start getting a good night's rest tonight! Let our carefully designed auditory session induce your natural brainwave patterns of sleep, enabling you to sleep through the night and obtain the rest and relaxation that is critical to good health and energy. Through synchronized beats and tones embedded into the background of our audio tracks, your brain will begin to produce the natural patterns of sleep, even though all you'll hear is relaxing, pleasant music. Yes, it really is that easy to reach Delta wave stage for your brain – naturally and without the use of medication.

Take the first step right now and download the MP3 to get started and reclaim better, deeper and more rejuvenating sleep starting tonight. We're confident that once you experience the difference for yourself, you'll want to improve your life even further with our NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer , a special light-emitting wearable device that further deepens relaxation and promotes healthy brainwave cycles with little to no effort required on your part. Finally, your personal NeuroAdvantage™ Coach will work with you to determine the most effective programs and schedules, and you can send sleepless nights packing, once and for all.

So ask yourself - how do I want to wake up tomorrow? Groggy and listless, or full of energy and clear-headed? You know the answer, and you know how to make it happen, too: download our MP3 to get started, because you deserve a good night's sleep.

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