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Visualize Success! Improve your game! Peak Performance begins with motivation.

Ask any athlete, and they will tell you that peak performance in sports is as much a mental as a physical challenge. Performance anxiety leads to muscle tension, and tense muscles require much more energy to operate. A confused and anxious athlete cannot respond quickly to unexpected challenges.

Brainwave stimulation, relaxation, and visualization techniques can vastly improve sports performance. Athletes who use this technology report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond faster to changing situations.

NeuroAdvantage offers brainwave programs designed to help your brain stay focused and sharp, remove mental ‘fog’ and create optimal conditions for performing complex tasks that require a high level of concentration. Used on a regular basis, these programs will give you:

  • Improved concentration;
  • Improved memory;
  • Peak performance;
  • Enhanced creativity; and
  • An improved immune system.

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NeuroAdvantage Programs to Enhance Sports & Peak Performance

NeuroAdvantage™ offers a number of light & sound neurotherapy programs designed to improve mental clarity and focus, and peak performance in athletics.

Gamma brainwave activity is particularly important to sports and peak performance, as boosting it can increase alertness and focus, and improve hand-eye coordination. The 40 Hz brainwave range (cycling 40 times per second) has been known to regulate memory processing in the brain. Gamma waves are exhibited by quick learners and highly motivated individuals, and have been linked to good memory, and the ability to process large amounts of information in a relatively small amount of time.

Beta waves are most present when you are wide awake and alert, as your neurons are firing abundantly, and in rapid succession. Your mind is sharp and focused. You are able to quickly and easily make connections, and you’re primed to do work that requires your full attention. Increased Beta brainwaves can also enhance sports and peak performance, as they increase mental alertness and high levels of concentration.

For maximum effect, use the NeuroAdvantage Trainer with the programs we have designed to help you improve mental concentration, memory and focus. Your NeuroAdvantage Coach will work with you to determine the most effective programs and schedules.

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We have also developed the audio programs for mental concentration, memory and focus.  These programs can be used with the Trainer, or by themselves.

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