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Are you a teacher? A parent? Could someone you know need help? The NeuroAdvantage Trainer benefits people from all walks of life. In order to get the most out of your Trainer, coaching sessions are designed to identify areas needing improvement. Goals are then set to maximize your effectiveness and prolong your long-term success.

The advantages of using the Trainer can impact all aspects of your life. If you find yourself struggling in school, the Trainer guides you towards focus and improves your function in the classroom. People suffering from depression and anxiety find a place of emotional balance as they stride forward with energy and optimism. 

Your mind can limit you, but also free you. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer is your key to achieving a placid state of awareness.

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SchoolsBrain Retrainer School Consulting

The NeuroAdvantage Trainer assists students who struggle in a particular class or school as a whole. This tool can help refocus your mind and allow you to let yourself succeed. Nervous about a test coming up? Dive into your material with confidence as you retain the knowledge you need. 

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Individuals / Professionals

Improve your career and everyday approach to life. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer guides you through anxiety and stressful situations that could be a setback to your success. Be the best person you can be in both your professional and personal life. We understand there are many obstacles you have to face, but you don't have to do it alone. 

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GolfYou need more than external support when you take your athletic career into your own hands. You need the confidence from within to meet your goals! We've worked with professional athletes to improve their game and can help you improve yours. The NeuroAdvantage Trainer is compatible with all sports from golf to diving. Take the stride towards greatness with this advanced, safe technology. 

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MilitaryDefending our country is no easy job. You battle more then just an enemy, but coping skills, stress, and may find difficulty in focusing. Let the NeuroAdvantage Trainer bring you peace of mind and comfort. Not only can this help you in the field, but we also take care of you when you come home. This technology has drastically improved the lives of patients with PTSD. Sleep better at night and let your mind relax, you deserve it. 

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