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Dr. Dennis Marikis is a licensed psychologist in private practice, with extensive training and many years of practice in the use of neurofeedback and the emerging discipline of brain retraining.

Dr. Marikis is a consultant for the U.S. Veteran’s Administration and works with active duty military who are dealing with issues including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Pain, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Addiction, helping them heal with the use of brain retraining. He is a consultant for numerous substance abuse facilities and treatment centers utilizing his techniques for brain retraining with patients suffering from a wide variety of disorders. He also works with school personnel to address issues of school-related challenges including autistic spectrum disorders, ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Marikis is a principle in NeuroAdvantage and has developed many of the audio coaching sessions offered through this website. He works as a business and life coach and has led international seminars in areas of brain retraining, anger and forgiveness and personality disorders. He has presented nationally at substance abuse and wellness seminars. Dr. Marikis makes frequent guest appearances on WMAN 1400 AM and WMVO 1300 AM in Ohio.


The NeuroAdvantage™ System was developed by three licensed Psychologists, Dr. Ed Pigott, Dr. Greg Alter, and Dr. Dennis Marikis, and is based on over 75 years of documented scientific research. The NeuroAdvantage Recovery Program was first developed to be used in treatment centers with patients suffering from serious difficulties including severe depression, post traumatic stress, and chronic pain. It has been expanded to assist with a wide variety of common problems, including anxiety, autism, ADD & ADHD, insomnia, memory & focus, weight loss and sexual performance.

Brain retraining is also known as Light and Sound Neurotherapy (LSN), brainwave entrainment and brainwave synchronization. It is based on the brain’s proven tendency to synchronize its dominant frequencies with those of certain external stimuli (patterns of lights and sounds).

Our programs of synchronized lights combined with pulsing tones at specific resonances gently guide your brain into the desired brainwave state, where it will stay for the duration of the session. With regular use, your brain will become stronger and more able to reach the desired state and maintain it.

We have found that NeuroAdvantage™ system offers an alternative to, and increases the benefits of a variety of traditional approaches to emotional well-being, including medications and psychotherapy.

Most brainwave programs on the market offer only audio programs comprised of binaural beats with music and ambient sound effects. Research has shown that adding visual stimulation to the appropriate audio programs makes brain retraining much more effective. The NeuroAdvantage™ Trainer allows you to experience our visual and audio stimulation programs at the same time in order to experience the most effective form of brain retraining available today.


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